Rates Let's Define a Look Your Deposit Individual Looks
(Up to eight looks)
Two Looks
additional looks 100 ea.


Let's say your first look starts with a heather gray T-shirt. And we've selected a coral or rustic orange-colored sweater for your second look. And when you change you do a little something different with your hair or perhaps put on more make up. There you have it! Two looks.

But wait! Let's go back to the first look and examine what could happen when you're working with me.

So your first look is the heather gray T-shirt...but among the clothes you brought with you to the session is a dress shirt that, color and style wise, works great with the heather gray T-shirt. Let's put it on and get a few more shots with that shirt over the T-Shirt. Oh and you know that really cool jacket you brought with you? The thin leather one...that works very well with the T-shirt and dress shirt combo! Go ahead and slip it on over the dress shirt/T-shirt look for a few more shots at the end.

Well, now we just did three looks on, technically, your first look.

Okay, the first look is now well covered. Let's move on to your second look, the sweater.

Same thing happens here. You brought some accessories with you. Great! There's two scarfs and you want to pin your hair back for some of them. No problem.
And those glasses you have with you - let's utilize those too!

All that during your second look! However, you've actually ended up with maybe as many as six or seven total looks with all the little changes that we do during your first and second look.

Hope this helps to shed some light on what we can accomplish during a two-look session. Please give me a call for more details on this subject or any other questions you may have. Thanks!


A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to set and hold a session time.

The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE

I have been in the biz for many, many years and understand that from time to time things do happen that would prevent you from making your appointment time.

An audition, better yet a call back! Even better a booking! Something medical related to you or your child, your pet has to get to the vet... it's a busy, frantic place to be.

I offer this.
Though the deposit is non-refundable I am one of the few shooters that will honor your deposit and re-set your session time.

Please call if you would like more details or have questions regarding this matter.

One Look
Rates Let's Define a Look Your Deposit Individual Looks