Light. Clean. Simple. Always.

Whether you apply it yourself or hire a makeup artist to do it for you your makeup should always be clean, light and simple. Never noticeable. Never distracting. In any way.

Your makeup should subtly enhance and accentuate your natural features.
Not take away from them.

Casting directors, producers and directors do not care about your makeup.

They do care if you fit the part they have in mind for you. And more importantly, when you walk in the room for the first time that you look just like your headshot.

One question I am asked quite often is “Can I do my own makeup”?

I always answer with an enthusiastic yes!

Yet your makeup should be done very light.
We can always apply more as we move through the session.

The key to great makeup is no one sees the makeup. That it is unnoticeable. That it blends in.

You know your face better than anyone else. If you do your own makeup it immediately removes any feelings of “Oh God, I hope the makeup looks all right.”

That said, if you are a person who wants to “clear their mind” and not have to think about doing their own makeup, or you don’t feel that you’re all that good at applying your own,
then by all means hire a makeup artist.

But do yourself a favor. Talk to them! In great detail, a few days prior to the session.
Make it very clear to them what you want them to do for you. How you want the makeup to look and be applied and visually feel to everyone who will see your headshot.

A good makeup artist will be happy to chat with you about your session and concerns. And will understand it is important that you look like you and not a “made up” version of you.

It’s very important though that you can replicate what they have done during the session so you look like your headshot when you walk into a casting. If you can’t match what the makeup artist has done for you, you could find yourself in an uncomfortable situation
with the people you are reading for.

And I am happy to connect you with a makeup artist if you do not know one. Or you are welcome to hire the artist of your choice.


A note about wearing heavy makeup.

If you are a woman who wears a considerable amount of makeup, for whatever reason, and there is nothing wrong with this, remember that a headshot of you is a “locked off” photograph. Anyone can study and pick it apart,
however they want to and for as long as they want to.

You want to make sure all that makeup looks great. After all, that’s who you are. But please take your time. Don’t be in a hurry when you’re getting ready for the session.

Take your time!

You don’t want to “throw on” a lot of makeup as you’re rushing to your appointment
and hope it works out.


I generally never have men wear makeup.

Concealer yes, sometimes…as long as it doesn’t take away from your natural look and feel.

Keep in mind I shoot a very natural, real photograph that looks just like you.

Besides, men normally don’t wear makeup on a daily basis. There is no point for you to try and look your best by covering yourself up. You should just be you.

Now if you’re prone to dark circles under the eyes then yes use a concealer. Sparingly.

If you don’t feel you understand how to apply the concealer properly then have someone help you. If they can’t do it, then by all means, hire a makeup artist to assist you during the session. This is rarely needed, if ever.

If you use concealer or hire a makeup artist,
again the concealer should be light and not noticeable.

Shaving During The Session

Yes, you are more than welcome to shave at any point during the session.

I do not charge for that “extra” look.

Shaving is quick and offers you a fantastic opportunity
for an extra look or two during the session.


Here we go!

Do not, cut, change, color, highlight, strip, relax, shave or bleach your hair
the day before your session.

Gentlemen, if your style is shaving your head then you would of course do that the day
before or the day of the shoot.

If you’re considering going for a total change—a new you, an entirely new look—
then make sure to take care of this new you well in advance of your headshot session.

Do it a few days before, at least ten, so you have time to get used to it. This way you will have a solid understanding of the new look and how to work with it.

Your hair, like your makeup, should be something that you can do yourself so that when you go in to read for an audition or callback you look just like your headshot.


Two More Things To Consider

Straight Hair vs. Curly Hair

If you have one or the other and on a regular basis wear your hair both ways then we should shoot both hair styles. We should capture both of those looks.

I have found throughout the many years I have done this it is best to show up and shoot with straight hair first. Then wet it/wash it, use a curling iron, so that it will curl for the second look.

That said, you are welcome to do either one first.

Wearing Hair Pieces, Extensions and Wigs

If you are a woman who often utilizes the versatility of hair pieces and/or wigs
then bring them with you.

I do not mind if you add or remove a wig once during the session.

And you are welcome to change more than that, but please understand there will be
an extra fee for the other looks.

If you have any questions regarding your hair or makeup please give me a call anytime.
I am happy to discuss it with you.