It’s not a headshot session.
It’s a movie, shot one frame at a time.

My sessions are about two things. You and the way you feel.

So…how do you feel? Who are you? And how do you want people who see your headshot to FEEL about you? Not how you look, but how you feel.

Headshots, to me, have never been about taking a pretty picture of an actor. They have always been about capturing the actor being involved in a real emotional state.

We all know the camera does not lie. If you’re not “there”, if you’re not cookin’, we’ll see that.

Does the shot feel like you’re strange, kind, evil, fun, diabolical, happy, up to something, or scared to death? Are you light or heavy? Wet or dry? Spongy or rigid? Hot or cold? Are you about to snap from repressed animosity, or bust out laughing from the gag you just pulled on your best friend?

It’s not a headshot session. It’s a movie shot one frame at a time. Starting to make sense?

I want to capture for you who you really are at a heightened moment in your life. When your raw emotions are free and pushing your heart, mind, and imagination to a level of life that most people don’t normally get a chance to see. This is what makes people interesting. This is also what makes for an interesting headshot.

The Details

Two Appointments A Day:

I shoot two appointments a day. One morning. One afternoon. I’m generally available any day of the week. I can schedule you Monday through Sunday.
I always try and work around your schedule.

The Sessions Take About An Hour:

A two-look session normally takes between an hour and an hour and a half from the time you pull up to the time you leave. Men an hour. Women an hour and half. It’s a hair thing.

No Rushing:

Since I only shoot two clients a day I never have to rush or hurry any of my clients. The sessions move at an easy pace. You should never feel like you don’t have time to “get into it”. I am all about you “getting into it”. For me it’s not about how many people I can shoot in a day. It’s about you getting the best shots possible. We’ll take as much time as you need.

I Shoot 40 to 60 Shots:

I normally shoot about 40 to 60 shots per look. There is always a chance you could get a few more than that. I do not shoot hundreds of shots of you.
It is a complete waste of time to do that.
Here’s the thing. I’m going to get what you need on the first shot. The next 30 to 40 are done for variety.

You Keep All The Shots We Take:

All the shots I take during the session will be given to you at the end of the session. Yes. Really. Every single Hi-Res image is yours to keep. You will leave the session with all the images I take of you on the flash drive you brought with you to the session.

My Sessions Are For Professional Actors:

My sessions are designed for the professional, working actor. However if you’re just getting started in the business of acting you’re in good hands. Really good hands. I started acting about 30 years ago and I also acted when I was a young boy. I know very well, and remember to this day, what it’s like to step in front of the camera for the first time. I guarantee I will make it a very easy and fun experience. And…you will learn some killer tricks that you can utilize for the rest of your life whenever you get your headshots taken.

You Can Always Call Me:

Anytime before or after the session you are welcome to call me. I am happy to answer any questions you might have. Anytime before or AFTER. A day after, a week after, a month after, you can call me. And I’m happy to help you.

The Fine Print:

I do not, for any reason, re-shoot anyone.