“How long will it take for you to have my shots ready?”

You will leave the session with all your shots in hand, on your own flash drive.
Every shot! And they will all be the high-res originals.

With me, there’s no waiting to get your stuff. No down time waiting for an on-line set of proofs or having to wait and order shots later.

If you need retouching I can take care of that for you for an extra fee. However the lab you work with for your 8 X 10’s can take care of retouching as well.

“How long do your sessions take?”

Much of this depends on you. Your preparation. Your prior experience. And how comfortable you are in front of the camera.

We always take our time though. I never rush my clients.

Plan on this — you pull up, we look at your clothes, we shoot, we look at and discuss your photos, and you leave – that’ll be about an hour and a half, for a two look session.

For women, it might be a pinch longer if you’re doing a hair change.

Men almost always shoot faster than women. It’s the hair thing. A two look session for a man is generally an hour.

“How Many Shots Will I Get For Each Look?”

We’ll be doing about 40 to 60 shots for each look. There are a lot of shooters that run up more than three, four, and five hundred shots hoping to get “the one”. This is totally ridiculous and a complete waste of time.

At the core of what headshots are it is a very simple process. It’s a picture of your face and more importantly your eyes doing something that is captivating and intriguing. This happening while you’re either smiling or not smiling.

If it takes more than 50 shots per look to accomplish this…then we both need to be greeters at Walmart.

“I have been told to never wear black in my headshots… I love black! Do you shoot people in black?”

I love black too! And have photographed people in black for years. As a matter of fact it’s probably the color I work with the most.

I wouldn’t tell anyone to only use black but if you want to be in black I’m all for it.

“I occasionally model. Can we do some shots for my book?”

Unfortunately, no.

Though I have shot fashion in the past it’s not something I do regularly enough that I would want to add it to a headshot session.

I have specialized in headshots my entire career. I know what works for my clients and myself. I stick to that.

“I just paid rent, have a flat tire and the busboy stole my tips…can I get a discount?”

Nope. Sorry about your tire.